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How to Find a Lawyer in New York City, New York

Learn about the city of New York City, New York and the many opportunities for finding a lawyer the Big Apple has to offer.

New York City  

New York City is the most densely populated city in the United States. With an approximate population of 8,622,698 the city is home to many hard-working people in various industries, some of whom include pop sensation Madonna and famed author and journalist, Joan Didion. 

New York City garnered its title from the Duke of York in 1664. The Duke later became King James II. Originally called New Netherland, the city was originally occupied by the Dutch earlier on in the 17th century. It was primarily a fur trading hotspot. The Dutch’s establishment of the Dutch West India Company helped the city not only grow in population and in economics. 

New York City still stands as a beacon of culture and industry. It is home to many attractions and businesses. In fact, it plays host to a third of the world’s most visited tourist attractions, including Times Square. Everything from its magnificent and elaborate Broadway productions to its economic presence on Wall Street, and back again to its many universities make it the city we know, love and flock to today.

Things to Do:

  • Catch glimpses of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Manhattan’s skyline from the Staten Island Ferry. It’s free.
  • Bask in the unadulterated splendor of one of the many musical productions that Broadway has to offer. There’s everything from timeless favorites like the Lion King to new productions like Dear Evan Hansen and Mean Girls. 
  • Enjoy people-watching or shopping in the famous Times Square.

Who You Are:

You’re an accountant who experienced a slip and fall at a restaurant on your day off.  

You’re going through a messy divorce and need someone to represent you.

You’re looking to sell your property with the right guidance, knowing all your interests are duly protected. 

You’re a student who feels wronged by the discriminatory practices of your special education status.

You’ve experienced hardships regarding your race at work or in your day to day life.  

Who We Are and What We Will Do for You:

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