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Posted By AUTHOR Craig A. Altman on 04/11/2018

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Your Personal Injury Claim

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Your Personal Injury Claim

Being injured in an accident or due to the fault of another person is no laughing matter. You are entirely justified to ask for compensation.

While the law is clear about this aspect, the perception about making a personal injury claim is often mired in controversy. It is heightened by the negativity attached to such claims with the press going into an overdrive and painting the injured person as a villain. In fact, about 95% of all personal injury cases are settled pre-trial. So do not feel guilty about filing a personal injury claim.

You are not doing anything illegal or immoral in asking for your dues. Even if the defender is known to you and you may have shared a few good times together in the past it does not mean that you have to keep mum about the incident.

It might help you to get in touch with a competent personal injury lawyer and be apprised of the facts. It is a simple and straightforward legal matter that involves the insurance company of the defendant. So, it does not matter if the person responsible for causing you pain and suffering is your friend or colleague. He/she will not be paying the expenses out of his pocket; his insurance carrier will do so.


Here is why you should feel any guilty while filing your personal injury claim:

1. Insurance Company –You should not be scared about ‘bad press.’ Remember it is a clever ploy by the insurance companies who want you to feel guilty. The press goes to town taking the moral high ground as they do not have anything to lose by badmouthing you.

The insurance company, on the other hand, does not have to pay a dime if you get influenced by the stories circling around and give up the idea of asking for compensation. It makes the insurance carrier profit while you end up being deprived of a fair amount and are left to deal with the suffering. In addition to that, you have to pay for medical expenses.

2. Justice – Yes! You are a good person at heart but that should not make you feel guilty to ask for compensation. You must consider your condition and contact a personal injury attorney ASAP. You have probably not been rendered immobile but failing to report to work will make you lose wages.

Why should you have to pay for another person’s fault in the first place? You are sure to get it with the support of a qualified personal injury lawyer who can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and/or represent your case in court.

3. Financial Burden – An injury adds to on to your financial burden. You are already paying many bills and if you are burdened with the guilt of filing a case.

You feel it is not nice to file a claim then your financial burden probably just hit the roof. The claim money comes from the insurance carrier and not from the guilty party’s personal finances.

By not claiming you are likely to increase your mental stress which is an add-on to your existing injury. In fact, you probably suffering twice as much by not making that claim.

4. Deserving– Questions such as, ‘do I deserve to receive money because I suffered a few minor injuries’ is likely to plague you when you consider making a personal injury claim. Maybe your morality and sense of ethics are killing your inner peace but the fact is you are claiming your rights. In fact, the compensation awarded to you will relieve you of your extra financial burden.

If you or your loved ones have been in an accident on the road or work, understandably you’re going through a lot. A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate through the complex process of filing a claim and make sure that you get what you rightly deserve.


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