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Posted By AUTHOR Craig A. Altman on 04/11/2018

What You Should Do If You Have Suffered Back Pain From a Work Injury

What You Should Do If You Have Suffered Back Pain From a Work Injury

After hand injuries, back injuries are supposed to be the most common workplace injury. Back injuries can include:

The lower spine and disks are extremely sensitive and prone to get injured while at work or while lifting heavy equipment. Loads that are too heavy to lift or improper or stooped posture can also increase a worker’s chances of suffering a back injury.

Most of those who suffer a back injury at the workplace are due to overextension of the spine from lifting heavy objects, pulling, pushing, or maintaining a poor posture while sitting for prolonged periods. Back injuries at work are often painful and require extended treatment and recovery periods.


Back pain can be classified into two categories namely acute and chronic:

  • Acute pain is more or less a temporary form of back injury. It appears suddenly and persists up to 3 to 6 weeks. After that it reduces. Though it is short-lived, the pain during that period can be severe.
  • Chronic pain extends for a longer period. Once the injury occurs, it can be there for years or even throughout that individual’s lifetime.


Steps to take in case of Back Injury at Work

Injuries that occur within the work area is considered to be a work injury. If such an injury occurs, then you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

It is the purpose of these policies to reduce the potential liability for these injuries. A work injury lawyer can help you get the maximum benefits in case you’ve spent out of pocket on:

  • Medical and therapy bills
  • Cost of transportation to and from the medical facility
  • Wages lost due to this injury


Now, what are steps to be taken to receive this compensation?

The initial step would be to report your injury to your employer or supervisor. The first report of the injury is filed with a record of specific details such date, time and cause of injury.

After an employee injury, the worker will be examined by an urgent care provider. They will then determine the level and severity of the injury.

After diagnosis, the doctor will provide you with a return to work form. This form will only be assigned if you have reached maximum medical improvement. The form determines whether you are fit to return to your previous job or not. The doctor will also report his findings to the insurance providers.

Your back injury can be classified as the following:

  • Temporary partial disability: In such cases, you may be able to resume your previous job following a recovery period.
  • Permanent partial disability: Permanent partial disability suggests that although you may return to your job, you may not be able to perform all the duties that you used to. If your employer cannot assign you to another position that is apt for your skillset, you may have to seek employment elsewhere.
  • Permanent total disability: This situation occurs if your injury has caused major disability making it impossible for you to return to your job.

Once the claim is filed with the insurer, a claim adjuster must evaluate the claim. They determine if the injuries meet the specification as outlined in the policy.

If they determine that it does, a notification letter is sent to the worker telling them the value of their benefits and the starting date. If they are denied benefits, the notification letter will state a reason for rejection.

In case of permanent disability, all medical treatments must be thoroughly documented. The insurer needs to verify the extent of your condition and whether it will affect your ability to work further. If the injury produces a permanent disability, the insurer may offer a settlement based on the total value of wages that they were capable of earning in their lifetime.

In case you are denied benefits, then you choose to either file an appeal or a lawsuit. Whichever you choose, the first step must be to hire a work injury lawyer, who can guide you and help you avoid any unnecessary delays.

If you file an appeal, a formal hearing will be held in the presence of a judge, who will assess the case and determine if you are eligible for any benefits. A lawsuit could result in an award of compensation as well as penal damages.


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