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Posted By AUTHOR Craig A. Altman on 04/11/2018

Personal Injury Lawyer: 5 Myths About Making a Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury Lawyer: 5 Myths About Making a Personal Injury Claim

If you found yourself suddenly injured, it would leave you devastated. Not only would you have to undergo treatment for the injury, but you would also have to deal with the pain. The associated mental agony is no less either. If your injury was caused by a fault of another person, the best thing to do in such a situation is to file a personal injury claim and get the compensation that you deserve.

Unfortunately, a lot of people remain uncertain and strangely reluctant to publicize their cases that led to personal injury and long hours lost due to the negligence of others.

In this case, it would be beneficial to hire a personal injury lawyer. You can certainly take heart from the instance of a woman named Ms. White, who had been grievously injured due to slipping and falling in a supermarket in 2015. There was no “wet floor” sign to be found at the time of her fall, and Ms. White found herself determined to punish the guilty who had failed to alert customers of the hazard. She persisted with her claims and received compensation for her lost wages from missing work as well as the physical & mental agony that she had gone through. Her medical expenses were reimbursed as well.

Though the process of filing a personal injury claim might take some time, you should not give up. After all, you had to go through a harrowing time on account of another person who was definitely not thinking about the consequences. Being aware of various personal injury facts before getting in touch with a qualified legal professional will help you ask the right questions and make your hiring process quick and efficient. Unfortunately, there are too many myths that people believe are true about making a legal claim.

Check them out below and learn to separate the true and the false. We hope you will be able to make an informed decision afterwards.


Myth #1 – You don’t need to see a personal injury lawyer, and can handle all the details yourself. However, you would have to counter the arguments put forward by the lawyer representing the other side as well as the concerned insurance adjusters. It can be difficult for you especially when you do not have the required legal expertise. It would definitely be easier to contact a lawyer who will pursue the case on your behalf while you recover from your injuries.


Myth #2 – Hiring a personal injury lawyer is expensive! The thought of having to part with a huge sum of money for hiring a top personal injury attorney will leave you feeling cold. No worries though! Almost all the lawyers and law firms act on the basis of a ‘contingency fee.’  Most legal professionals will reach an agreement with you for money and wait until you receive the due compensation. You, as a citizen, are entitled to justice. Your lawyer will be able to provide it for you regardless of your financial ability.


Myth #3 – You may be scared of phrases such as, ‘I’ll see you in court.’ Life is not a courtroom drama, though, and your attorney will try to settle the case before it reaches a trial, if possible. An experienced lawyer has the required skills to settle the matter in your favor. You will not have to go through stress-filled moments at court while the judge pronounces the outcome. Instead, you will receive a fair amount as compensation for your pain and damages at the earliest courtesy to your lawyer.


Myth #4 – You will receive the amount due to you as compensation for your physical injuries. True, but you stand to gain much more. You are also entitled to receive a fair amount to cover the psychological suffering that you had to go through. Those anxious moments and stress on having to be treated in a hospital had certainly taken a toll on your mental health. Your attorney will be able to get you the required compensation for all kinds of injuries both physical as well as mental.


Myth #5 – Personal injury claims often turn out to be a waste of time. This is not completely true. While there are indeed greedy people who think nothing before making light-hearted claims, most people do put up with pain and suffering on account of a personal injury. An experienced legal representative can find out the truth and might even refuse to put their reputation on the line for a flimsy case that has no merit.


If you have been harboring any of these myths, we hope that they are shattered now. For a no-obligation quote for a personal injury case, contact us or give The Law Offices of Craig A. Altman a call at 215-569-4488.

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